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New L Word CD on Sale now!

The new CD, L-Tunes: Music from and Inspired by the L-Word, goes on sale today.

The CD includes tracks by Goldfrapp, Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, Peaches, Tori Amos and Pink, amongst others. [more]

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Win a Walk on Role on The L Word

Being clouted as a once in a lifetime opportunity - this is your chance to bid and win a walk-on role on The L Word.

The winner will be part of the filming on the day of the set visit, and meet some of the actors that are working that day, tour the production facility, eat lunch with the crew and get a first-hand behind-the scenes look at how one of television’s hottest series gets filmed.

Bidding closes 8 January 2007. [more]

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Rachel Shelley on Ghost Whisperer

Rachel Shelley (Helena Peabody) has been cast in the role of Katie Payne in the CBS drama Ghost Whisperer.

Shelley’s role, appearing across several episodes, is the fiercely intelligent wife of professor Rick Payne (Jay Mohr) who stirs up trouble for Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt). [more]

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New Film for Director John Curran

Director John Curran (director of Season 2 Episode 12 - l'Chaim) has a new film starring Naomi Watts coming out soon called The Painted Veil. [more]

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Chaiken to launch OurChart.com

OurChart, scheduled to launch January 2007 will be a full-featured social network for lesbians and their friends on the web.

It is designed to be both a destination and a jumping off point for lesbians on the Internet. [more]

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New The L Word CD

New music from, and inspired by, The L Word called L-Tunes will be released just in time for the New Year sales on 2 January 2007. [more]

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Petition for The L Word in Australia

Tired of waiting to see The L Word on TV? Join our petition to bring The L Word back onto Australian television screens and at a time that isn't unreasonable for a school night. [more]

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New Season 4 promo pictures

Can't wait for the Season 4? Well we have the next best thing, all the promo images from around the world all in the one place! Your L Word one stop shop. Except you can’t buy anything and it's more like window shopping really... but the girls sure do look good. [more]

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The L Word UK Convention

The second sellout The L Word convention took place in London recently.

Stars in attendance included Laurel Holloman (Tina), Mia Kirshner (Jenny), Kate Moennig (Shane), Leisha Hailey (Alice) and Guinevere Turner (Gabby and script producer series 2). [more]

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Mia Kirshner on Red Carpet in Venice

Mia Kirshner took to the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for the world premiere of her new film The Black Dahlia, directed by Brian De Palma and based on the best selling true crime novel by James Ellroy. [more]

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Season 4 Promo Airs in the US

The first teaser clip for Season 4 of The L Word has started airing on Showtime in the US.

Using the tagline of "New friends. New rivals. New loves. And one returning flame." Showtime launched it's first promo for Season 4 of The L Word after Sunday night's screening of Brotherhood. [more]

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Rant. Rave. Ramble.
Minx speaks her mind.
You speak yours.

Blue Car

"A creative person, an artist of some kind, volatile and changeable, especially sexually. She is going to stand back to back with you and then face to face. She drives a blue car and she’s a brunette." Ok, that's pretty clear. Now both Helena and I have a checklist. ...Read More!

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Top Rated Episodes
LET'S DO IT 6.51
LOYAL 6.20
L'ENNUI 6.16
If something could bring Bette & Tina back together, what would it be?
Henry is killed by a snow-making machine and Bette comforts Tina in her grief
Joyce Wischnia convenes a meeting which turns out to be a threesome
Bette gives Tina the cold shoulder, but playing hard to get turns Tina on
Bette helps Tina put away some shopping and Tina can't keep her hands to herself as 'Heart' plays softly in the background
Bette gets meat-tagged at The Planet again and Tina gets jealous
Bette wins custody and Tina can't stand to be without Angelica
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